Sunday, July 29, 2007

Too hot for me

We are here in Montana right now and I am DYING of heat. It is 104 today and we don't have air conditioning in the place we are staying. Night times have been brutal. Sophie is so restless b/c it is so hot (and she was practically sleeping naked last night), and you just constantly feel sticky. Ick.

And there are TONS of fires around right now so when you go outside even if for a few minutes, you are coughing and your throat is burning because of the smoke. Yuck! Man, Katt, I don't know how Justin does it!!

It was in the 70's when we left home on Wednesday, and I was complaining b/c it was "too cold for the summer". I will gladly take that again!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Insomnia sucks

I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo tired. I can't function right now. We drove here to Montana yesterday (which can be a whole blog post in itself----having to stop every hour, Sophie pooping constantly (I think she did it so she could get out of her carseat), so after all that, I thought, I am going to sleep so well. Um, nope.

Went to bed at 11:30...(mountain time, 10:30 our time),...I laid there for awhile. At 12:30, I really started getting annoyed. It was hot, I was uncomfortable. Decided to go walk around for awhile. Yawning, so tired, came back. Yah, still not falling asleep. And by now, I am getting so frustrated that it's hard to settle. 2am, I FINALLY take a tylenol PM, not caring that I'll be a zombie in the morning (side note---we are staying with our in-laws). I start to relax, BUT can't fall asleep. I WAS AWAKE ALL NIGHT!!!! Then I actually did doze at around 6am (I know this b/c I had a short dream), but then Sophie woke up (sleeping in the pack and play in the same room as us). She stands up, sees us, starts laughing and saying "hi".

It is now 4:30pm and I feel like I'm in a haze. Not going to bother to take a nap b/c I have issues with napping too...Oh Lord, PLEASE let me sleep tonight (it's going to be 2 tylenol pm's and earplugs!)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mama Bear

Okay, my Mama bear instincts kicked in today full swing...oh my gosh, I was a protective mother bear!!

I took Sophie to "Cafe Sip N Play", a really cool place where the kids play and the moms can relax/read/drink coffee/chat. This was the 1st time I've been there that Sophie could actually play in there, and not be stuck in the crawlers area. She was a little tentative just to go off and play, she's a cautious little thing at first, and she was just taking it all in, all the kids, all the noise. Every once in awhile she looked around for me, and when she saw me, a huge smile came across her face and she waved, then went back to "playing."

Well, while we were there, there was this little girl, about 18 months or so (and I know this because I've seen her in the nursery at church before) who would come up to Sophie and push her out of the way. The first time, the little girl was playing at the "train table" and Sophie was standing there watching. I think the girl thought Sophie was going to take her train, so she pushed her a little bit. Sophie got this scared look on her face, but moved away to something else. This little girl kept following Sophie and would give her a shove. Most of the times, Sophie stayed on her feet. At one point (as I was on my way to go get my Sophie, fuming) this little girl shoved her down in this play area, and stood over her. I just heard a little whimper and saw Sophie's lower lip quivering and little tears coming out. Oh, I picked her up and she just held onto me so tight.

I guess I have never experienced these "mama bear" feelings to this extent. I wanted to march right up to that little girl and give her a good "talking to" (or at least to her mom, who was sitting chatting with a friend, not watching her daughter). This is the first time...I can't imagine how I"ll be when Sophie comes home from school with hurt feelings, or if a pet dies, or something else that causes Sophie to be sad or scared. Man, I don't know if I can handle this!:)

Just one of those days

Ever have one of those days?? I'm not PMSing, but as sure as anything, Sophie is! (I have a new theory that baby girls PMS since they are out of the womb). Sophie is such a happy little thing usually, bubbly, smiley, singing, talking---she really has turned into an "easy" toddler (compared to these first few months) fast forward until this morning.

I hear Sophie waking up at 7...which is pretty good for her, but lately she's been sleeping in until 7:30 or 8...and she also went to bed a bit later last night too, so I was hoping for a7:30 or 8 wake up. Well, I went in there to give her a sippy cup of milk (I've been doing a sippy cup of milk in the morning for the past few days...she drinks milk from her sippy during the day, but has a bottle still at night). Usually she just drinks happily. This morning, she started swatting at the sippy and getting all bad. So I yell to Jeremy to get me a bottle and I try to give it to her in that, and she's just mad as anything now and arching...she eventually takes some. So then I try to cuddle with her (what we do EVERY morning) and she starts batting at my face. I take her hands, look in her eyes and say "no, Sophie, be gentle" and that turns into meltdown #2. I give her to Jeremy for awhile, and the next thing I hear is her crying AGAIN b/c he took away my cell phone from her (she has been calling 411 lately and racking up our phone bill).

She was pretty good for awhile this morning, but then started losing it again. She'd flop on the floor, bang her head on the floor once, but a bit too hard, and of course it would hurt and she would be having another tantrum. She'd turn to me and say "up up" with her hands raised up. I'd pick her up and within 2 seconds she's getting antsy so I put her down and then she gets mad.

Yii yii yii....I finally just put her down for a nap...we are back to 2 naps today, b/c there was no way I wanted to deal with Cranky Sophie for another 2 hours!! Hope she wakes up a little happier!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bye bum!

Saying goodbye:

Sophie has gone through quite the progression for saying good bye. It started with a wave, than progressed to "buh" and a wave. Next, it was "bye", I was proud of that. Then she started saying "bye dye" and waving. We all laughed, thought it was hilarious. Well, yesterday, when everyone was leaving from the bbq we had, Sophie started waving at everyone saying "bye bum, bye bum"...oh my gosh, we were dying. I have NO idea why it progressed to that. Today at church when we were leaving, "bye bum" was yelled at the top of Sophie's little lungs...yikes, got to work on that one:)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Disregard the last blog about babies:)

Okay, so after my last blog yesterday in which I mentioned that I was starting to think about babies again...yah, disregard it please:)

Last night I went to a baby shower for a friend. There was another girl there who had a 6 week old baby. Let's just say, that was way more reality for me than seeing the cutesy newborns. This baby cried the whole time and reminded me very clearly of those colicky days with Sophie:)

So, don't think I'm ready for another one. That was my reality check!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Babies, babies, and more babies!

In the past 2 weeks, it seems like some of the people that I am closest to have had babies! It is bringing me back to Sophie's "beginning" days...the awe and the wonder of this new person you brought into the world. I have loved holding these tiny little ones, or seeing their pictures if they are far away (Roxy), but it is the craziest thing, b/c I"m so nervous to hold them! I forget Sophie ever being that age and I forget how to "handle" them:)

I have been soooo set on "no more kids for awhile"...I've always said at least 3 years in between. I think that stemmed from the early colicky days with Sophie and how TOUGH those days (and months) were. I had friends who had easy easy babies around when I had Sophie, and they are already pregnant again or have had their 2nd since then. I think having a harder or more demanding baby has made me want to wait a bit longer to have another one b/c I don't know if I'm mentally ready to go through that again (if it's to be like that the 2nd time around).

HOWEVER, seeing these babies, talking to my friends about their first few days and moments with their little ones, is stirring something in me. I am SOOOO not ready for a 2nd one (and Jeremy would kill me if I told him I wanted another one now) but it does do something to you to see one so little. But then I have to think of all the logistics of life. There would be no way that I could stay home at this point from work. Financially, we are not there right now. I really really want to be able to stay at home full time when we have more than 1, so that is making me hold off for now.

But seriously, I'm thinking that might be one of the only things...well, besides the fact that I just adore Sophie and don't want to share my time with her yet. Kind of crazy that I"m actually letting my mind go there again!

Friday, July 6, 2007

We are on vacation!

It is soooo nice to be on vacation! This is our first family vacation with Sophie. We both have never been to Bend, Oregon before, and Jeremy found this great resort online, so we just decided to go for it, and it is sooo nice!

We left a bit later than we planned on, but we had a lot of stops to make on the way. Sophie was due for a nap at 4:15, but instead of acting tired, she was acting “hyper” and very silly. I gave her her soother and pink blankie in the car, which she always has when she goes to sleep. But instead of it making her in “sleep mode”, she started playing peek-a-boo with the blankie and shrieking loudly. We arrived at the resort at 5:45, and Sophie’s eyes shut pretty much as we drove into the driveway. So we ended up driving around for a bit, went back into town to get some KFC for dinner as Sophie slept on in the car.

We had a late dinner as we were late getting in, and Sophie was up until 8:45, but she was a happy little camper. She loves exploring our hotel suite, walking around everyone and acting as if she owns the place It is so fun to go on a family vacation with our little girl. No, we can’t just go off and do whatever we want anymore, (nap times to consider) or even stay out late, but you know what? I so don’t care about that stuff…I love being able to make new memories with Sophie.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Sophie, the "Snaucet"

Poor Sophie...she has been through the ringer this past week with being sick. It started on Monday with meltdowns galore, drooling like crazy, and saying "up up" to me constantly with her hands raised to me. Then onto Tuesday and Wednesday---high fevers, up to 103.8 degrees. My poor little girl was just whimpering like crazy. Onto Thursday, we got the "stomach bug" and then this morning Sophie woke up with a snaucet (AKA: Snot-faucet). Her nose is pouring, all day. I didn't even know it was possible to have so much "in there". She is just walking around with stuff pouring out of her nose and coughing up a storm. She looks so miserable!

But even with being so sick, Sophie still is making us laugh so much. Tonight at dinner time, I had to turn her high chair around to face the wall b/c she was getting so distracted by everyone (my family is in town) and wouldn't eat. Well, she had the time of her life looking at the wall and babbling away...oh for about 20-25 minutes, and she ate her food. We were all just dying with laughter.

But oh, I feel like I'm back in the newborn stage...after 10 months of Sophie sleeping through the night, we are back to 2,3,4 wake ups a night. Sleep, Sophie, sleep!