Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Break???

When I was younger, spring break was a time to run around and play outside, a time to hang out with friends, and have a glimpse of what it would be like during summer vacation when there would be no school. Part of the reason I became a teacher was so that I could still enjoy my "breaks".

Well, I woke up this morning to it snowing. Yes, snowing. Now for some of you, that might not be that odd of an occurrence, but for me, living in the Northwest where we are lucky to get 1 snow day once every 5 years, getting snow on my last day of spring break, when it is March 28th, is not okay.

Come on, it's time for the sun to come out!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I'm really not so good at waiting for things. At Christmas, or my birthday, Jeremy has to really hide my gifts well or I will find them. If he tells me he has a surprise for me, I pester him until he tells me out of exasperation (isn't it amazing that I waited till delivery to find out if Sophie was a boy or a girl???)

With that said, I am not good at all at waiting. Maybe it's some of my "control freak/OCD" nature that likes to have everything "just so". You'd think I would have learned by now, at my ripe old age of 27 that not everything happens in the timing that I want it to. Sigh, I've learned that lesson more than once.

Right now, we are in a season of waiting. It is so hard for me. I want to just know what the future holds and what we'll be doing but nope, will have to wait. I don't have a definite "know by such and such" date so that makes it harder. Grr.

Wish me patience! I need it badly!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Precious Elias James...

My heart is just breaking for a friend of mine. I have known Ann since my early days of pregnancy. We joined the baby center birth boards around the same time, and were first time moms together. Over the past few months, I've talked to her on the phone a few times, and even though we have never met face to face in real life, I feel close to her. So when I heard about her loss, my heart just broke.

Ann was 28 weeks pregnant with her 2nd baby. She had her ultrasound 2 months ago but had chosen to not find out what she was having. It was neat to have a friend who was going through pregnancy again, and I loved hearing her news after each appointment.

On Wednesday, March 5th, Ann hadn't been feeling her baby move all day. They went in that night to the hospital and found out that their baby had died. The induced labor and little Elias James was delivered on Friday morning.

My heart is just grieving for her so much right now. To be that far along, to have felt your baby move, and then to have lost one so little, just breaks my heart. I know the fragility of life, and how precious it is. What I don't know, is how it feels to hold your child in your arms, to know that you will never hear them laugh, never see them smile, and never experience the joy of watching them grow up.

Please keep Ann, Aaron and Kiefer in your prayers

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mommy panties...

I have always loved it that Sophie has such a big vocabulary. She started talking pretty early and can say SO much now. When something is funny and she sees us laughing, she'll join in and say "Funny, Mommy! Mommy silly". It is so fun to see her talking more.

However, it also means the start of "embarrassing moments" in public because of things Sophie is saying. For example, the other night, Jeremy, Sophie and I went to Target and were just walking around. We were walking by the bras/underwear and Sophie suddenly yells out "Mommy panties!" Of course she doesn't just do it once, but a few times.

Or how about at the restaurant when I give Sophie a spoon but she doesn't want it. She wants the fork instead. So she starts yelling "Fork fork!" instead. BUT, it doesn't sound like fork (use your imaginations).

I am sure this is only the first of many embarrassing moments.