Thursday, December 3, 2009

Half a year...

Dear Tanner,

Happy half birthday!! So hard to believe that 6 months ago, I was in the hospital meeting you for the first time. That feels like just yesterday to me!

This has been a busy month for you. You have 2 teeth now, your bottom ones. You look so cute with these little ones poking through. However, you have bitten mama a few times, so hope that is not something you will do consistently. You are rolling from your tummy to your back pretty consistently, but not yet from your back to your tummy. You can sit up for a few seconds unassisted but your favorite thing to do is jump. You want to stand and jump all the time. You've recently started getting into the "crawling position" and rocking back and forth. That scares mommy a little bit, she is not ready for a crawler!

Mommy had to go back to work this month and had SUCH a hard time with that. You are spending 2-3 days a week with Marci, a wonderful wonderful lady who you love already! You are so smiley and happy there, sleep well there, and it makes mommy feel soooo good to know you are somewhere where you are safe and loved.

You've started waking up a lot more in the night again, so we started "operation get rid of swaddle and sleep positioner" since you'd be struggling to get our of your swaddle and then be in this weird position in the positioner. You are sleeping a lot better on your tummy. You know how to put the paci back in your mouth so mommy has put lots all over your crib so you can find them yourself :) Mommy still feeds you once during the night. We started you on solids a couple weeks ago. You were NOT interested in the cereals at all, but love sweet potatoes! You love sitting in the high chair with us when it's dinner time. You just laugh and look so proud of yourself. You are becoming SUCH a big boy!

You are still my cuddler. I can already tell that you have such a sweet take after your daddy in that as well as your looks. Always a smile on your face, always a giggle ready to share. Everyone who meets you just comments about your smile and how happy you are. You are a flirt and love the ladies :)

Your mommy loves you, Tanner bo-banner :)

Love, Mommy