Sunday, December 21, 2008


Well, after a week of snow days that amounted to a few flakes falling, then melting right away, we finally got our snow! I have to say, I LOVE looking outside and seeing everything coated in white. Looks BEAUTIFUL!!! However, after the snow, we got the freezing rain (and then more snow) so everything is coated with ice. Luckily I'm married to a guy from Montana who feels okay driving in the elements so haven't gotten TOO stuck at home. Here are some pictures from the snow today!

Our backyard

Snowdrift! We had strong winds to do this, our windows were creaking like crazy!

Looking down our street from our house

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sophie and Santa

We went to visit Santa on Monday with our good friends, Jen & Emma, while our school district shut down for a snow day :) Nice to have a day off, especially since us in the 'Couve only got a slight dusting.

Sophie has been SO excited to see Santa. We've been practicing our smiles, talking about what she will ask him for. When we got to the mall and she saw him, she was very excited too! Until I said, "Let's get out of your stroller". Then she turned on the, "No, i don't want to". It took a bit of coaxing, and then when she saw her friend Emma sitting on his lap fine, I think she felt a bit better about it. She still wouldn't smile too much, and we had to do this whole act of going to tickle her to get her to crack a little smile. So here is what we got!


And here are comparison pics of previous years!

Last year--1.5 years old

Her 1st trip to Santa---6 mths old

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Exhausted and grumpy...

wow, it's been over a month since I posted on here! I've thought about it lots, but didn't have the energy. This month has been crazy. SO much going on, between crazy, intense, insane online class I'm taking, being SICK, and Sophie being sick, and having a hard time getting better, irritating things at work that just get me down...argh. Sorry for the vent after so long!

I love Christmas, I love this season. It just seems this year there are so many things going on that get in the way of truly celebrating, and I don't like that. I wish I could do slow-motion on life right now...Things are moving at such a fast pace and it's a bit overwhelming.

Gosh, I just need Christmas break. No more having to think about functional behaviors in kids, or universal screeners, or PLC's, or Thinking Strategies, or the many other hundreds of things that are bogging my mind down at work. I.NEED.A.BREAK.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

She has changed so much!

Here is Sophie, in her 3 years of Halloween memories. She has changed and grown so much!!

1st year---Eeyore

2nd year---Ballerina

3rd year (this year)---Monkey

Monday, October 13, 2008

1st trip to the dentist!

My girl is getting so big! Today we embarked on a new adventure: her first trip to the dentist!! I remember when my younger sister when to the dentist for the first time when she was 2.5 years old and it was a traumatic experience for her b/c the dentist was so rough with her.

I brought Sophie with me to my dentist appt back in August. She sat and watched the dentist do everything to my teeth. The dentist had her "help" too, by helping push the button for the x-rays and the chair. Sophie was pretty interested in it all, and I think it was a good way to get her introduced to the dentist.

For the past few weeks we've been "playing dentist" and talking a lot about what a dentist does, so Sophie was very excited to go to the dentist today. When she first sat in the chair, she was a bit timid, and wanted to hold my hand. But then they hygienist, Carolyn, gave her a ride up and down in the chair, and Sophie loved that! Then Carolyn showed Sophie all the different instruments they were going to use, like the polisher, the air sucker and the water sprayer and she tried them all out for Sophie.

Can I just saw, I was so incredibly proud of Sophie. She opened her mouth nice and wide, was so compliant and they even got to polish all of her teeth. I couldn't have expected it to go any better. I think it helps that our dentist is WONDERFUL too (anyone need a dentist in Vancouver? Just ask me).

A little nervous, sitting in the dentist chair.

Getting her teeth checked


Getting her teeth polished

The best part...the prize drawer!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I have a sensitive one...

As Sophie has been growing up so much lately, in every way (growth spurt, vocabulary, understanding of things around her) she has also begun to become very aware of people around her; their moods, their feelings, and the way they treat her. We will be in the store and she will smile at a man, and if he does not smile back, she looks at me with sad eyes and says "Man don't like me". Ugh, makes my heart feel so sad today.

Well, this morning as I drop Sophie off at her wonderful baby-sitters, and get ready to leave for my day at work, another mom drops off her daughter. Sophie was so excited to see her (she's 1.5 years older than her and Sophie watches everything she does). Lately, this girl has not been giving Sophie the time of day. In fact, she is constantly putting Sophie down and being really rude and snotty to her. So this morning when Sophie goes running up to her to say hi, this girl notices Sophie's shirt, which has a little light that is flashing on it (a fun "Halloween" shirt). The little girl goes "that is neat! Hey Sophie, want to color with me?" Sophie turns to look at me with the hugest eyes and biggest smile and says "Mommy, (girl's name) is happy with me today!" I about cried. My poor litle girl who has endured this other girls taunts for awhile now, still thrives on that "Acceptance". It was the best thing in the world for her to be "accepted" by this other girl, and instead of being picked on, to be loved.

Sigh, I know it's only the beginning of all the hurt feelings and friendship issues and disappointments Sophie will have, and I definitely wish I could shield her from all hurt and pain, b/c as neat as it is to see her grow and all the new things she's doing, I also know that it opens her heart up to more pain and hurt. It's hard being a "Mama"...As my good friend Jen definitely heard from me, as I cried to her about this today at lunch, LOL

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I did it for you, Brenda

This past Sunday, I participated in an event that I had always heard about, and thought was really neat, but had never participated in it myself. I am talking about the Susan B. Komen Race for the Cure event that they have all over the nation. I decided, back in July, that this was something that I really wanted to do this year. Now, don't forget, that I am NOT a runner. Yes, they have different events, like the walks, but for some reason, I decided that I was going to participate in the 5K women's run. I started training for it, little bits at a time. I remember when 60 seconds of running KILLED me. Then slowly I started to do more and more. I felt ready for my run on Sunday.

What I didn't expect during my run, was how emotional I would be. A run is a run, right? Wrong. While I was running, I was seeing women all around me who had pink "breast cancer survivor" hats, or people with "in memory of____" or "in celebration of ____" papers on their backs. All these people running or participating in the event have somehow been touched by breast cancer. I didn't have a pink paper on my back (I didn't know you could have them?) but if I could have, mine would have read "In Memory of Brenda Daehn". That's who I ran the race for today.

Let me tell you about my dear friend, Brenda. I met Brenda when I was an 18 year old freshan college student at Portland Bible College. I was working in the church office, and she would come in with her 2 year old daughter and make copies. During this time we began to chat a bit and get to know each other. I had the awesome opportunity to travel to Europe with Brenda and her family, and work as a nanny for her then, 2 daughters. Being so close with her day in and day out, I saw what an amazing woman she was. A woman who weathered heartache after heartache (a few miscarriages, and a stillborn son at full term), but still had a sweetness of her spirit.

Brenda and 9 month old Carissa, at a cafe in Holland, summer 2001.

In England, summer 2001

Right after our Europe trip, Brenda found out she was pregnant with her 3rd child. Around 3 months before Brenda's baby was due, she found a lump and they discovered that she had breast cancer, stage 4. It was such an awful time. They waited 2 months and then enduced her so she could start chemo right after her 3rd daughter was born. Thus began a 5 year battle with breast cancer.

Brenda and I at my wedding, May 2002.

Me, Brenda and her precious girls at my wedding, May 2002

Brenda and her family visiting me at the hospital after Sophie was born, May 2006

During those 5 years, there were so many ups and downs. Times when you just KNEW she had "Beat it". But then came the devestating news that it had come back full force. On March 19, 2007, Brenda passed away. She left behind her husband, Brian, and 3 daughters, Destiny (9), Carissa (6) and Tori (4).

Brenda may be gone but she has touched my life in ways that I never imagined. I still think of her daily and remember her beautiful smile, her encouraging words after I was dealing with a colicky infant, and how, no matter how sick she was, she always asked first, how I was doing.

Brenda, I ran for you on Sunday. I miss you incredibly and pray that one day soon we can find a cure for this horrible disease. I love you!

Me, after the Race for the cure run on Sunday

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I need a hishnue please

Sophie just cracks me up. This morning, this is what I wake up to:

Sophie: Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy
(I enter her room)
Sophie: Oh hi Mommy! I sick. I have boogies.
Me: oh no!
Sophie: I need the boogie thing (boogie sucker we used on her when she was a baby) and a hishnue.
Me: What is a hishnue?
Sophie: A HISHNUE!
Me: What is that?
Sophie: You know, a hishnue (and then she puts her fingers around her nose and pretends to blow).
Me: OH, you need a TISSUE!
Sophie: Yes, A Hishnue

LOL. So now that's what we call tissues around our house...Hishnues!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Minnesota weekend

This past weekend I had the opportunity to fly to Minnesota for a friend's wedding. While there, I got to hang out with 8 other of my great girl friends :) We had so much fun going shopping at the Albertville outlets, eating at Buca, going to the "Shout House" dueling pianos bar, the wedding, and going to the sculpture gardens in Minneapolis. It was so nice having a girls weekend, and I wish we didn't live so far away from each other!

Mir, Me, Val, and Ann at Buca


Ann and I on the way to the outlets


Me, Kari, Cec, Azz at the hotel before the wedding


Kari and I at the wedding


Me with the 2 gorgeous preggo ladies, Mir and Cec


The honorary bridesmaids with Kristin


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Copying from Janelle.....My amazing co-workers!!!

Click HERE to see some of the WONDERFUL people I work with!! I am included on here, not sure why I am the only person with flaming red eyes though!

Thanks Janelle for taking pictures of that fun day, LOL!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of School!

It was the first day of the school year today! I took good ole Tylenol PM last night to help me sleep, since my sleep record on the night before school tends to be 0/6 so far. Not fun starting the 1st day of school on no sleep, so this year, I felt plenty rested!

The kids came in slowly and so quietly. I've never had kids come in that quiet before! It almost felt "weird" LOL, since the last 2 years, from the first day of school, they were a noisy bunch. But it went well!! Probably one of the better 1st days of school I've ever had. Maybe b/c only 19 showed up? Who knows, but it felt good. I definitely have a few firecrackers who I KNOW will keep me on my toes for sure, but the overall feel of the group is that it's a good one. I have a few parents who really want to be involved too, which is great since the last 3 years, I have had a major lack of parent involvement.

So we will see what tomorrow holds. Hoping today was not just a "fluke", but a sign of how this year will be.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Yah, so it's been awhile. I guess I really did take a "summer break", LOL. So busy this summer and just enjoying my little girl so much. But now back to work..

I have to say, as much as I LOVE having 2 months off in the summer, having that long break and trying to get motivated to go back to work after that is really hard. I was DREADING going back to work this week and leaving Sophie. I have loved being at home with her so much this summer. She's become my "buddy" and I love just "her and me" time.

Tuesday, my first day back to work. I was DREADING it. But you know, wasn't so bad. Yes, it was 8 hours of listening to some lady talk about herself, but it's so funny how quickly you fit back into your "work mode".
Wednesday, meeting with the whole district, listening to our superintendent talk us up, then put us down. But then spent the rest of the day in my classroom setting up.

I'm starting off this year teaching full time since my teaching partner is still on her maternity leave until mid-October. The thought of teaching full time again, after not doing it for 2.5 years is a bit scary! But I'm also really looking forward to it. The last 2 years just about killed me. I am looking forward to a "Fresh start" and a new group of kids.

So on Wednesday, when the kids come in with their new supplies and with that excitement and nervousness in their steps, I will match those same feelings!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So hard to understand WHY...

I found out today that some friends from church who were expecting their first child in October, lost their baby today. Erica was nearly 7 months along and hadn't felt her baby move in a few days. They found out this morning that the baby died.

My heart is just grieving for Nate and Erica. What they must be going through right now. I suffered an early miscarriage at 10 weeks before Sophie was born, but to go through most of your pregnancy and to have this happen, it just is so tragic.

I have had a few friends go through losses like this lately and it's hard to know the words to say, or even the thoughts to think. There is just so much confusion and wondering "why".

Please keep Nate and Erica in your prayers tonight as she is delivering her son, and in the next days/weeks/months ahead...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

She did it!


Sophie had a wonderful first night in her crib with no railing on. She was so excited to get into her bed that I was worried she'd have a party all night. But she slept GREAT! I heard her this morning, singing and talking like she normally does in the morning before I go get her, and sure enough, there she was, sitting in her bed rocking her "sleep bear". When she saw me, she said, "Can I get out now?" Oh, I hope that lasts.

Here is a picture of her from when I went to go get her this morning.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What a big girl...

Tonight is Sophie's first night in a "big girl bed". I can't believe how grown up my little girl is! We decided to take the railing off her bed tonight and see how she does. With all our travels, Sophie has done so awesome, no matter where she sleeps. On the floor, on an air mattress, on a bed. She goes to sleep fine, wakes up fine and stays in her bed...oh great, that probably just jinxed it! LOL. We thought we'd try it and see how she does. We are in no rush to get her out of it, so not pushing it.

I still remember our first night home from the hospital, when I put Sophie in her crib, all swaddled up and she took up a tiny portion of her crib. Now, I go look at her sleeping and she takes up the majority of it. How time flies.

Sophie was so incredibly excited to sleep in her "big girl bed". She talked and sang for awhile when she went down, but all is quiet now. We'll see how she does!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Back from Paradise

Well, we are home from Hawaii! And like the title says, it was wonderful! We had beautiful weather everyday, spent our mornings at the beach, afternoons at the pool, and just enjoyed having "rest". We also did a bunch of walking and shopping, we took Sophie to the zoo, which she LOVED, and Jeremy, Kelly, Pamela and I hiked Diamond Head. It was pretty hard to say good-bye to it!

Sophie was just the most wonderful little traveler. She did great on the airplane, LOVED the sand and water and was also sad to leave. Since we have been home, she has said at numerous times "I miss Hawaii", or "I miss Palm trees". Ahhhh, a girl after my own heart.

It was so neat to take Sophie to a place that holds so many wonderful memories for me. I went to Hawaii for the 1st time in utero, and celebrated my first 3 birthdays in Hawaii. I loved getting to see Sophie love it and experience Hawaii for the first time. She officially has Hawaii blood in her now.






Friday, June 27, 2008

Potty training

oh the joys of potty training! It is in full swing at the Koepke house! After a busy school year, and a crazy week of travel last week, I figured this would be as good of a week as any to start full-fledged potty training. Sophie has been going on the potty for a few months now, here and there, but I wasn't really focussed on it. Now I am!

So we only have her in panties...she chose some pretty Cinderella ones, and some Hello Kitty ones. I went and bought a bunch of generic kind because of how many we are going through :)

She is not telling us when she needs to go yet, so I just have a timer and everytime it "dings" she gets to sit on the potty. She is doing pretty well and I am so proud of her. I have had to clean a few icky poops but besides that, she is getting the hang of it. I am so proud of her!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


It's been awhile since I've posted on here. I thought with me being done teaching, I would have PLENTY of time to come on here and play, give updates everyday or something like that, but that hasn't materialized yet.

On Father's day, at 5am, I got a call from my sister, telling me that my Grandma was in the hospital, she had had a stroke and was bleeding in her brain. Totally shocked me. By the evening, she had died. My grandma, who just the day before, had been making a big pot of soup, and talking about getting the carpet torn out, was gone. I hadn't seen her face to face since Christmas, so to me, it felt really surreal.

We headed up to Canada on Thursday, went to the viewing that night, then the burial on Friday, than the memorial service on Saturday. The whole time thinking, has this really happened? At my grandma's house, I just expected to see her sitting on the couch, like she always did during our many visits together when I was up from Portland.

The service on Saturday was such an amazing celebration of an even more amazing woman. My grandma, Olga Rubuliak, was such a fervent lover of God and an amazing prayer warrior. She prayed every single day for every single child, grand children and great grand children that she had, individually. So, that is 6 children, 10 grand children and 17 great grandchildren.

This world has lost a precious jewel in my grandma, but without a shadow of a doubt, I know that I will see her again. I love you grandma and miss you so much.

Grandma and Sophie, August 2007

Grandma and Sophie, Christmas

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I survived! (well, so far)

All year, since I knew my teaching partner was pregnant and would take the last few weeks off of school to rest before her baby was born, I have known that I would go full-time. To tell you the truth, that thought has FREAKED me out! This year has been a really tough one for us in the classroom, dealing with so many behavior/mental health issues, and often, my 2 or 3 days a week feels like it'll put me over the edge sometime. So, I was all ready to hit these last 2 weeks...put on my army boots, roll up my sleeves, and hit it hard.

In all honesty, it actually wasn't that bad! In some ways it was "easier" (in the classroom at least). I had a whole week to connect with the kids, I planned my own days, I didn't have to leave my classroom spic and span for my teaching partner to get back to, on Monday. It was actually a lot of fun!! I have also realized that teaching at the end of the week is way harder than the beginning of the week. There is one girl who always seems to act up more behavior wise for me, than my teaching partner, and it frustrated me b/c I really don't feel that I do anything any differently with her, than my teaching partner does. Well, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, this girl did really well in the classroom. On Thursday, she was so off. I do have to say, it made me feel better to know that it's not "me" but perhaps just how she is at the end of the week.

So I did it, I enjoyed it, let's see if I can keep up my energy for this next week, the last week of school. (Just don't look at my house....I don't know how all you full time working momma's do it house is definitely showing my absence...)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Viva Las Vegas!

Well, my Las Vegas trip was last weekend and I had SUCH an awesome time! It was so much fun to have a "girls" weekend, and get to meet some of my "imaginary friends". I love them! We had such a good time and honestly, it was hard to come home, even though I missed Jeremy and Sophie a lot.

From hanging out by the pool and going in the subzero temperature water (poor Cecile froze Baby Star), to walking all over the strip, eating a ton, people watching, buying outrageously expensive water (I think I was the only one in Vegas buying water and not alcohol, LOL), Margaritaville, the Wax Museum, The Bank at the much fun!! It is amazing what a few days with friends AND in the sun does for my mood!

Thank you RMs for such a great weekend!







Tuesday, May 27, 2008

She cracks me up!

Sophie is just a hoot. We are constantly laughing (or trying not to) whenever she is around. The stuff she comes up with is hilarious. Here are some of things that have come from her mouth lately.

1. "Baby no!! Time out"....a second later "I sorry, I forgive you"

2. EWWW! Baby poo poo stinky!

3. Mommy, where are oo? (where are you)....she says this as she walks around the house looking for me.

4. Mommy, cheese sandich peas? (cheese sandwich please?---she loves those things)

5. Silly Fophie!!

6. "Mr. Sun, pease shine down on me" (she calls the sun "Mr. Golden Sun whenever she sees it)

7. Peas can I have something? (Please )

8. I hear something!

She is such a little chatterbox. She walks around the house talking on her "phone"...laughing, pausing, saying "okay, bye bye". So fun :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Before and After...

Well, I am finally going to post pictures of "before" and "after".

After I had Sophie, I lost most of the baby weight pretty quickly. I was 6 pounds away from my pre baby weight at the 6 week check up....then I blame it on Post partum depression, and birth control, but I gained back 15 more pounds.

It's been a long road, but today, I am 30 pounds down from where I was when Sophie was 6 months old. Here are a couple of pictures.

Here is me at Christmas 2006, with 7 month old Sophie.

And here is me this past weekend, at a dinner banquet with Jeremy...30 pounds less.

Just sit still and smile....simple, right???

So today Sophie and I ventured out to get her 2 year pictures taken at Kiddie Kandids. I have taken her there 2 times before (at 9 months and 1 year) and have had WONDERFUL experiences there and have gotten beautiful pictures. So the whole way in the car, I kept saying to Sophie "show me your smile" and of course she'd do her super cheesy smile. She was all silly and giggly and went running into the store, so excited.

Then we get to the actual "stage" where she is supposed to sit. The photographer, who was GREAT, was getting the background ready and Sophie freaked out. She watched the background roll down and kept saying "what's that? what's that?" with a worried look on her face. The photographer tried to move Sophie over a bit and Sophie yells "No!!". She kept jerking her arm away from the photographer and frowning and glaring at her when she'd try to get her to smile. She tickled Sophie's feet with the tickle thing (the big fluffy thing you use for dusting), and Sophie yells "Don't!". The photographer gives her a cute little umbrella/parasol to hold which makes Sophie smile, until the photographer tries to angle it a bit, and then Sophie jerks it around, mad, and almost hits the photographer with much for compliant.

Nothing is working....all I want is 1 nice pose, 1 little smile, nothing is working. My happy little girl is a grump and getting worse by the minute. But in comes a little baby with it's mom. Sophie's eyes lit up and she was just so interested in this baby. The mom and the baby came right up to the camera with the photographer (when they saw how interested Sophie was in her) and the photographer started tickling the baby or getting the baby involved to make Sophie smile. And you know what happened? This...



Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sophie's 2nd birthday party

We had Sophie's 2nd birthday party tonight. We had mostly family over, and a couple friends. Sophie has been sooooooo excited for her birthday party. She has been talking about it constantly. When people started arriving for it tonight, she was soooooo excited.

We had a fun time. I'm bummed that the weather wasn't nicer, but luckily the kids were able to get outside and have bubbles for awhile before the rain started.

I think back to 1 year ago, at Sophie's 1st birthday party, where she was just crawling around. She really didn't "get" the concept of presents and wasn't too interested in them actually. This year, she was running around everywhere, eating at her princess table, not the highchair this time. She knew just what to do with the candles on her cake and ate her cake with a fork. She was so excited to open presents. I just look at her an am amazed at how much she has grown up, my precious little girl.






Thursday, May 8, 2008

It's my birthday

So today is my birthday!! I used to be the BIGGEST fan of birthdays. I love to do fun things for others on their birthdays, and love to be treated special on mine. I always have. On years where things have been "low key", I have been bummed. I am not the kind of person who likes being the center of attention usually, but 1 day a year, yah, I'll take that.

I had to go to work this morning...the last few years I've taken my birthday off of work. So it felt like a normal day. Jeremy was a sweetie though and decorated the kitchen area with streamers and had breakfast ready for me. My kids were very excited that it was my birthday and I got lots of cards and a beautiful rose.

I don't know, but for some reason, this is the first year that I feel "old". 28 doesn't sound very "young" anymore (to me, that is. I'm sure in 10-20 years I'll be like, "man, oh to be 28 again". I guess it's because it's not the "mid twenties" anymore, but "late twenties". I still view myself as a child. I see kids in college, freshmen even, and think of myself as their age.

I think I inherited this "don't want to grow up" gene from my dad. He is 61 and looks about 15 years younger, works out still and is in good shape. I hope I"m like that!

Overall, it was a good day. Not like birthdays of old, but nothing bad :) Just getting old

6 things

I was tagged by Amber!

6 Things

The main topic is to share six unimportant things about myself and then to tag six other people to do the same thing.

Here are the rules:
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So...Here is 6 things you probably did not need to know about me.

1) I have lost nearly 25 pounds in the past 6 months.

2) I spend WAY too much time on the computer with my imaginary friends :)

3) I never thought I would want to be a full-time stay at home mom, but I wish I could do that SOOOO badly.

4) I never thought I would enjoy working out 4-5x a week like I have been lately...but I love it and when I don't work out, I feel bad!

5) I went through pretty bad Post partum depression after Sophie was born. I still deal with major anxiety issues, never had them before being a teacher.

6) Some of my very best friends in the world, are those that I have met on the internet... some would say sad, I say AMAZING!

Here are my six people...

Katt, Deanna, Alexa, Jennifer, Michelle, Jocelyn

Tagged by Katt

4 Jobs I have had in my life:
1. Receptionist at my church
2. office assistant in the Registrar's office at Concordia University
3. payroll clerk for Dairy Queen
4. 1st/3rd grade teacher

4 Movies I’ve Watched More Than Once:
1. You've Got Mail
2. 13 Going on 30
3. Sweet Home Alabama
4. How to Lose a Guy in 10 days

4 Places I’ve Lived:
1. Richmond, BC, Canada
2. Vancouver, Washington
3. Dorms at portland Bible College
4. Aunt Donna's house in Portland, Oregon

4 TV Shows I Watch/Watched:
2. Survivor
3. Biggest Loser
4. Prison Break

4 Places I have Been:
1. Hawaii
2. Scotland
3. Holland
4. Romania

4 People who email me regularly:
1. Claire
2. Kelly
3. Katt
4. Aimee

4 of my favorite foods:
1. Pizza
2. ice cream
3. brownies
4. cookies

4 Places I Would Like to Visit:
1. More of Europe! (Germany, Switzerland, France)
2. My friends in Minnesota!!!
3. North and South Carolina
4. Hawaii again

4 Things I am Looking Forward to in the Coming Year:
1. Sophie's 2nd birthday
2. My Vegas girls weekend!
3. Hawaii in July
4. Hitting my goal

4 Friends who I’m Tagging:
1. Melissa
2. Janelle
3. Jennifer
4. Jocelyn

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Countdown to Vegas...

Let me tell you that I am SOOOOOO excited about an upcoming trip of mine to Vegas...sans Jeremy and sans Sophie. I am meeting up with some of my "imaginary" friends for a girls weekend at the end of May and I am so excited!!

It really has been SO long since I've hung out on my own with friends. I used to love girls weekends before Sophie was here, and I think I've been missing them! The thought of sun, warm weather, relaxation, sleeping in, pool, etc., can't come soon enough.

Cecile, Stephanie, Valerie, Mir, KB (and Bella)---can't wait to meet you!~

Friday, May 2, 2008

Field Trip

Oh field love them, teachers dread them. It seems at this time of the year, there are a slew of field trips coming up.

Today, we went on our 3rd field trip in 3 weeks. We went to see the Oregon Symphony perform at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. What a beautiful place! You could tell that these kids had never been to anything even remotely like this before. I enjoyed listening to the music, but felt like my head was going to explode the whole time. It is hard to be sick as a teacher. The thought of taking a sick day crossed my mind, but didn't want to send a poor sub on a field trip!

The most interesting part of the day was the conversations I had with some of the kids in the bus on the way home from the play. The one girl that I sat next to is an interesting character. She has had a tough life for one so young and exhibits this horrible attitude all the time. However, sitting with her and talking to her on the bus, I got to see behind that hard outer shell and see the little girl she still is. She talked about how her dad was going to jail today and how sad she was and how much she'd miss him. However, she told me she is used to it b/c he's had to go to jail before.

Another little boy was talking to me about getting his ear pierced. How his dad iced his ear and then used a fork to pierce a hole in his ear lobe. (At this point, I wasn't feeling very well).

It's just so eye opening to me, still, even after 6 1/2 years of teaching at my school, what my kids go through. I can not even fathom some of the things that go on at home.

It has been a tough year for me, both work related and emotionally. I wonder often what the heck I'm doing.

But after a day like today, when I see kids experience things they never have, or open up for just a moment and I see a glimpse of that little child, sometimes, it feels worth it.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just one of 'em days...


So I should have known that today would be a crazy day, by how my night went. Took a Tylenol Pm last night to help me sleep b/c I wasn't feeling well. Well, instead of putting me to sleep like it normally does, I was up most of the night. Felt crappy this morning but still went to work.

My kids came in yelling and noisy. My breakfast wagon never made it to class which threw the whole morning routine off.

Probably 50% of my kids were complaining about some "ailment" they had. I heard 1) my jaw is hurting, 2) My leg hurts (yah, well maybe if you didn't get out of your seat every 2 minutes it wouldn't be hurting), and 3) (the best one I think), I think my wrist is broken. (my response was "oh really? what happened?) Answer -- I banged it on my desk.

I'm just in a funk or something...I'm tired, I'm cranky, I'm stuffed up, head pounding...I just feel irritable and I hate that. Thanks to my friend Janelle, who helped me out big time today (I luv ya!), I went home a little more relieved.

I picked Sophie up at the baby sitters, she seemed happy to see me. I put her in her carseat and handed her her milk (like I do everyday) and she chucks it at me, sending milk all over the place...grr.

It's 8:30, I should go to bed...I made sub plans for tomorrow, but will probably go in. It's more stressful for me NOT to go in, especially with how my kids terrorize the subs...

Monday, April 14, 2008

She's growing up....

I don't know when it happened, but sometime between here and there, Sophie grew up. Was it an overnight thing? Sometimes I think it was. I just look at her and realize she is no longer a baby.

Maybe it's the way she "takes care of" her dolls and her babies, rocking them to sleep, or changing their diapers. Maybe it's the way she asks for "Mommy cuddles" and then looks at me and says "I lub you". Maybe it's seeing her flip through books and singing "ABC's".

Honestly, the first few months having Sophie were so hard. I had no clue what I was doing, and I was a sobbing hormonal emotional mess. On top of just getting used to being a first time mom, I had to deal with elements such as thrush, sensitive baby, colicky baby, severe acid refluxy baby, PPD, and baby who doesn't like to sleep much during the day. I didn't think I'd make it, and often wondered what we had gotten ourselves into.

I look at Sophie now and cannot imagine my life without her. I am constantly laughing by her many antics. She outgrew the reflux, outgrew the colicky, learned to sleep well, and grew into quite a happy little girl. If I knew it would be like this, those first few months probably would have been more bearable.

Happy 23 months Sophie! Can't believe you are almost 2!

20weeks, in utero

10 months

18 months old

Today---23 months old