Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sophie and Santa

I know I know, it's been awhile again...sigh, maybe someday I"ll be more consistent with this blogging business:) At least once a week or SOMETHING!

Took Sophie to see Santa today...she did fine, meaning, she didn't freak out, but she didn't smile either. She had absolutely no expression on her face. It was really funny when I got home and compared her this years Santa picture with last years, b/c, besides the obvious fact that Sophie is bigger, that is about the only difference. Her expression was exactly the same as last year. Here are last years and this years Santa Pics.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sleep....I just need sleep...

Man, I've been through quite the ringer this past week. Since last Wednesday, I have only slept 4 nights....3 nights of massive insomnia where I can't sleep at all. It is so frustrating and is putting me back in that majorly sleep deprived state I lived in for the first few months of Sophie's life.

At around 2am last night, I woke Jeremy up, so frustrated and crying b/c it was the 3rd night in the past 7 that I haven't been able to sleep at all. We talked through a lot about WHAT is making me not sleep...it's not the lack of being tired, trust me, I've been taking dr. prescribed sleeping pills which have done nothing. I know it has to do with anxiety. Probably the major one being work right now, but then all the other little things of life are piled on top of that until I feel like I am losing control.

I wish I could just "let go and let God". I want to SO badly just trust God with everything but it's so hard. I look at all these things around me that are going on, things of which I have no control over, and honestly, it freaks me out.

Sleep, I just need sleep...