Monday, April 12, 2010

10 month wonder

Dear Tanner,

I am finally catching a moment to come on here and update about your 10th month! When you are awake, I usually don't get a moment to sit down anymore. You are busy, busy, busy! Into everything, you are! Sophie likes to call you Curious George because you are curious about everything.

You definitely have been showing a strong-willed side this month. Not so much mellow baby these days. When you want something, you want it now, and we have been seeing your temper. Yikes! You are fascinated with the stairs. You think it is a game to crawl over to them so fast, turn around and look to see who is watching you, and then start shrieking and giggling as you race up the stairs as we try to run and get you. Little stinker :) You make us laugh with your antics!

You love remotes and definitely mommy's cell phone. The look of pure delight that crosses your face when you see that I have left my phone unattended is so sweet. You always make sure I know you have it though, but definitely are not a happy camper if I tell you not to put it in your mouth!

You still are taking 2 really good naps and sleeping between 11 1/2 and 12 hrs a night. I LOVE how long you sleep at night. You go to sleep easily and can get yourself back to sleep fine, as long as you have a "soo soo" handy. So we keep many of your pacifiers around your crib.

I really don't want to have to cut your hair, since you don't have a ton of it, but you are definitely developing a little mullet. You have the longer bushy look going on in the back, and then shorter up front. We will see how long I can handle that before I need to cut it, lol!

You freely give smiles, you are waving so much now to others too. I love it when we say "Praise Jesus!" and you lift your hands straight up in the air. You do NOT like to be laid on the changing table, or on your back anywhere if it means you have to be restrained. You just want to be on the go all the time. You love to eat, but if we are not fast enough, or if you are super hungry, you will tend to fuss during must of your meals. Not so fun! But then, we will give you your cheerios (which you call "ch ch") or a cracker and there are no more tears, just giggles and smiles.

You are not saying too many things. You say mama occasionally. You say dada but not necessarily for daddy all the time. You do say "ch ch" a lot, when you want your cheerios! You say "na na" when you are hungry. You have started to say "A dut" a lot. Not sure what you are really saying though :)

Tanner, as busy as you are, as on the go you are, and as strong willed you are, I still love it every night when you rest your head on my shoulder. Cuddling up with you, feeling your soft skin and smelling your baby smell is my favorite thing. I love you, Mr. T!

Love, Mommy