Saturday, May 29, 2010

My baby girl is 4

It's hard to believe that I am a mother to a 4 year old. The day Sophie was born still is so clear to me and I can't believe she is 4 already. It has been quite the exciting and full year for Sophie. Here is a run-down of some super important things that happened this year!

*Sophie became a big sister on June 2/2009, to baby brother Tanner!

*Sophie started pre-school

*Sophie got her first hair-cut!

*Sophie had her very first sleepover at Auntie Kelly's house (and didn't get much sleeping in, I'm afraid)

*Sophie went on her first camping trip (with Daddy!)

*Sophie asked Jesus into her heart :)

*Sophie is starting to learn how to read (she knows all her letter names/sounds and loves to write words she knows, and sound out words).

Sophie has really grown up so much this year. I look at pictures of her 1 year ago and 3, and she still had that "baby" look to her. Now I look at her and I see a big girl. She is still my silly little girl who makes us laugh all the time. Sophie is so expressive and dramatic and could spend all day, everyday playing dress-up (and sometimes she does!) The things she comes up with and says sometimes blows me away (and often makes me giggle too).

We are so blessed to have Sophie in our lives and I love my precious girl more than words can say.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

11 months (a little late!)

Dear Tanner,

Man, oh man. What a busy month this has been! Mommy is late in writing this because life has suddenly turned up a few notches on the CRAZY side. One of those CRAZY things is that you started walking this past month. You took your first steps at 10 months old and by 11 months, you were walking for longer stretches. You look so cute as you walk everywhere, sometimes you get going too fast for your own good and are flailing your arms as you walk and can't stop.

You are also into EVERYTHING. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. To you, anything you see is a challenge to get to. If you see Sophie playing with anything, you immediately want to go play with it too. You don't understand when Mommy says you can't play with Sophie's Polly Pockets or her Littlest Pet Shop and you will let us know exactly how upset you are about that. You definitely have quite the temper in you and we are at that place of really praying for wisdom in how to best raise you and help shape your will.

I love it when we go ANYWHERE and people are always commenting on how friendly and happy you are. You freely give smiles and waves and now that you are walking, will walk right up to someone and give them a huge cheesy grin. You make everyone smile, Tanner, and I love the joy that is in you.

You are still not saying too many words yet. You have started to say "sss-sss" for "soo soo" (pacifier). You also will rest your head on our laps and say "awwwwwww". I know you want to say Sophie's name so badly. You see her and smile and shriek and start making "sssssssssssssssssss" sounds.

Your mullet is getting longer and I am afraid a haircut is due soon. You will be a ringbearer in your Auntie Pamela's wedding next week so probably you will get it cut before then.

I love you so much Tanner. I know you want to be so independent and do EVERYTHING that Sophie does, and my dear boy, you will get to. Don't rush this growing up thing, time is already going by so fast! I love you!

Love, Mommy