Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another month goes by...

Dear Tanner,

The months are just flying by and I find myself loving you more and more each and everyday. You are my cuddly little thing who just loves to be held and snuggle with anyone! I love the way you are starting to reach out when you want to be picked up, or the way that a big smile breaks out on your face when your eyes meet mine in a large room. My precious boy...

This has been a busy month for you! You finally mastered rolling both ways (YAY!) so this has made night times a lot better as you roll to whatever position you like :) We also leave a bunch of soothers (AKA binkies) all around your crib and you find them fine on your own. You've had a nasty cold that has turned into your first ear infection, and you've had it for around 2 weeks, so our nights have been pretty interrupted with that. You are also sooooooo close to crawling. You get around on all 4's, but not the typical "crawling" way yet. But you do get around. It is so fun to see you get so proud of yourself when you do something and everyone cheers. A huge smile just lights up your face, and you try to do it again

You celebrated your first Christmas! You love banging on the boxes and trying to put the wrapping paper in your mouth. You were such a trooper to all the different events. You even went on your first trip to Canada! You loved staying at Grandpa's house and meeting all the relatives up there that have never met you before.

You loved eating solids until you got sick, now you don't want anything to do with them. Since you got sick, you have now been waking up a few times in the night again to eat. Mommy hasn't minded this too much over Christmas break, but with her going back to work tomorrow, she is worried how she'll function with such all this interrupted sleep again.

You have started "talking" more. You say dada, but not for "Daddy". You love to make sounds as you chew on your tongue, looks so funny! You still are in LOVE with your big sister. The moment she is in the room, your eyes are focused on her. You laugh so much at the funny things she does.

You are my precious, precious little boy and I love you so much.

Love, Mommy