Friday, November 12, 2010


Day # 12: I am thankful for my precious miracle boy, Tanner. He has brought so much joy and laughter and energy to our home! Please pray for him tomorrow morning as he is having a not so fun sedated procedure to check his kidney. Since he only has one kidney, he needs it to be HEALTHY, so please pray that the kidney reflux he had at birth is GONE!

Tanner was SUCH a little trooper this morning at his VCUG (to check for his kidney reflux). A not fun procedure where he had a catheter put in, then they inflate his bladder a few times with this contrasting liquid, so they could see if any urine was refluxing back from the bladder to the kidney. At 1 month old when he had this procedure done before, it showed that he had Level 2 Kidney Reflux. Level 1 is the lowest, 4 is the highest. The dr, at that time, said that most people with level 2 kidney reflux have it go away on it's own, hopefully within a few years. In rare cases, people with Level 2 reflux need to have surgery to fix it. Sometimes medication is given to keep off kidney infections. Since Tanner only has 1 kidney, it is a higher concern to keep that 1 kidney healthy.

This morning, I was more worried about the fact that he couldn't eat/drink anything (had to fast since last night). He had moderate sedation, so he was awake but very "high", lol. Giggly, loopy, drunk are good words to describe him. Did great through the whole procedure, and just had a hard time in the car on the way tired and hungry, but wouldn't eat.

So we will know more when we meet with the urologist next Friday, but the dr today said there is STILL reflux. Probably about the same level. We were believing that the reflux was gone, so guess we just need to up our prayers for that.

It was hard for me to see him go through that. I think, most of the time, I sometimes "forget" about his kidney stuff. Going through my pregnancy with him was a scary time as dr's were trying to figure out what he had and given us very scary prognosis's. Then with him being so healthy and energetic and not having any issues because of his kidneys, I forget. Today was a huge reminder of the health implications, but also, an AMAZING reminder of Tanner's testimony and the fact that in utero, his ultrasounds showed things a lot worse than they are. I need to keep reminding myself of that whenever I start feeling that fear or discouragement about this. God's hand is on Tanner and I KNOW He will take care of my precious little boy.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Day #3: I am thankful for the awesome bible study I went to this morning! The last 7 weeks of the Beth Moore bible study has been amazing and I am sad it's over!

I have been going to my church for 12 years now. You'd think I'd have taken advantage of all the bible studies that are offered at my church in that time, right? Never have. I've given excuses...I work, and I'm tired at night. Or, I work, so I can't go to the morning studies b/c of that fact. Well, this summer, in the midst of realizing that a) I have lived here for 12 years and do not have a lot of close friends here at all, and b) I need to get off my sorry butt and put more effort and time into others lives and even though I treasure my days off with my kids, I know that I do crave close girl friendships. This summer I started getting together with some amazing moms from my church and have so enjoyed building those relationships. So now, even though I'm working, I am finding more of a connection so that means that even if I'm tired, I WILL go do these things b/c not only does it build my spiritual self, it is building my emotional self too, as I am finally making those dear, dear friends who I connect with.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Precious Cuddles

Day 2: I am SO thankful that this tough work day is done and I get to go home and cuddle my precious kiddos!

Today was a tough one. No tougher than other ones I've had recently, and probably not the worst. But it was a very mentally draining day. I got really, really frustrated today with a specific situation and the complete lack of support I got for it. I really don't feel that constant negative and disrespectful behavior should be rewarded, but that is what I am told by people who are supposed to be my support. I almost started banging my head against the wall after a conversation I had with my "support".

So after dealing with those frustrations, my heart was filled with so much joy when I got to pick up my kids. When I got to Tanner's baby-sitters and he saw me, the squeal of joy and running to hug me wiped away some of those frustrations that had consumed my day. Then seeing Sophie run towards me and jump into my arms at preschool put that joy back into my heart. I love my kids so much. Their cuddles can fix so many things.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Day #1 of Thankfulness!

In a season of craziness and a lot of discouragement, I am going to take this month to focus my thoughts truly upward and consider the many, many blessings that are in my life, that too often get overshadowed by the "tough stuff". Everyday I am going to post an "I am thankful for" statement on here give a little note about it. So here it goes!

#1 I am thankful for....the wonderful roast dinner that my awesome hubby prepared for us today!

It was so awesome today to come from a crazy day at work to a house that smelled so wonderful! Jeremy had prepared this wonderful roast dinner and being that Mondays he gets home from work at 1, he often makes dinner those nights. I am so glad that Jeremy is the kind of guy who is good in the kitchen and very willing to try anything! Today, knowing that I didn't have to worry about, "What will I make tonight?", was such a blessing. I love my husband!