Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dearest Tanner

Dear Tanner,

You are 1!! I still can't believe that. This year probably was the fastest year I have ever experienced (maybe because you are SUCH a busy and active little guy??) It's hard to believe you are growing up so quickly, too fast for me! I am loving this age with are so fun and so joyful. But I wish it would slow down...

You sure loved your cake at your birthday (your 2nd birthday party...the first one, with all the relatives, you just picked at your cake and rubbed it all over your face and hair. The 2nd one, with just close family, you devoured that cake). You absolutely LOVE food. If someone has food, you want it! You get very mad if we give you something different than what you are having. Black beans are one of your favorite foods and I love how you have a black/purple face when you are done eating them.

One thing that changed this month is that you are no longer just are RUNNING!! You don't stop. You always are "on a mission" and it's hard to keep track of you. One of your favorite things ever, is being chased. You start shrieking and laughing and running away. It always makes us giggle so much to see you get so excited about it.

You still are obsessed with the TV/entertainment center but are doing SO much better at not going up to it all the time. You have learned what No and Uh-uh means and when you hear it, you sometimes just plop yourself down on the ground and get all frustrated (you show this by throwing your head forward).

You have turned into such a good sleeper, which I am thankful for, since the first 4 months with you were not full of sleep! You take 2 solid naps and go to bed around 7:30 (earlier on nights I work) and wake up around 7. You are still nursing, 4 times a day and I am still not ready to be done. It's the one time when you are still and calm and I love those moments.

Still aren't saying many words but the ones you do say are: sss-sss=soo-soo (binky), Dada, Mama, ch-ch=cheerios (or any food!), see-see=Sophie? (you've just started saying this and we think it might be Sophie). It has been cute the past few days because when you are eating and want more, instead of doing the sign for more like we've been practicing, you clap your hands. It works!

I love you my precious Tanner. It's been quite the year! You fill my heart with such amazing joy.

Love, Mommy