Thursday, February 11, 2010

8 months (a little late)

Dear Tanner,

I am a bit late in posting this, but that is pretty fitting for this month!! This has been one busy month with you, Tanner! You are just on the go all the time. 3 days after you started crawling, you started pulling up on things to stand! Slow down buddy!! Now you love to stand EVERYWHERE. You started standing up in your crib for naps and haven't figured out how to get back down, so naps have been a bit crazy the past few days. But you have been blessing us with some good nights of 10-12hrs nights, so thank you!!

You said "Mama" purposefully the other day and now say it quite regularly when you want me. You are still a mama's boy but love your daddy immensely and always give him a big smile whenever you see him! Sophie is still your favorite person ever and always just smile and laugh whenever she is around.

You have started to become a better eater, except you do prefer fruits to veggies. You are not a fan of homemade baby food so all those jars that we made are sitting in the freezer :) You like eating teething biscuits and Baby Mum Mum rice cakes. You always have a smile when you eat them, like you are so proud of yourself for being a "big boy".

You are a typical already have gotten your share of bumps and bruises, and even your first black eye! But it amazes me that you can fall down and land hard but just get up without flinching! You also have gotten another tooth finally, your top Eye tooth! You love chomping on everything, and we have to make sure that Sophie puts all her toys away because you zero in on the littlest thing.

I love you my cuddle bug. The smiles you give me all the time just melt my heart.

Love Mommy