Sunday, March 6, 2011

From Sophie's mouth to God's ear

I have to say, there is something about hearing a young child pray with such faith and conviction, that touches my heart! Sophie has become quite the powerful pray-er. Every night before bed, she prays first, and then we do. It's cute to hear the things she says. She always prays for: 1) Something she is thankful for, 2) Something she wants Jesus to help her with, and 3) Someone to pray for. This was her prayer tonight:

"Dear Jesus, I'm thankful that we went to Red Robin and got a balloon. Please help me listen and obey the first time. And talk nice to my friends at preschool tomorrow. I pray for Mommy that you will bless her tomorrow at work. With peace. And strength. And that the kids will listen. I just love you so much Jesus. Come more in my heart and live there. Take away my sin. Amen".

Precious girl...


Ams said...

Well that brought tears to my eyes Lori!! That is so sweet. You have an amazing little girl on your hands :)

Kylie and crew. said...

Precious Post Lori. She has a wonderful's obvious she has wonderful parents too!