Monday, February 14, 2011

The Best Valentine's Day

I am so blessed. I have an amazing husband who is so caring and thoughtful. I have an AWESOME daughter who loves to do special things to make me smile. And I have a pretty cool little son who just adds entertainment to whatever we do :)

Jeremy and I went out for a date on Friday night, so really, I wasn't expecting today to be anything too special. I was making a nice dinner at home and just asked Jeremy if he could set the table nice so we could give Sophie a nice candlelight dinner for Valentine's (she was soooo excited for Valentine's day, even though her preschool wasn't doing a party or anything, I wanted to make the day special for her). But pretty lowkey.

However, after a crazy morning in my classroom with my students who were all so EXCITED for their Valentine's festivities we'd have at the end of the day, at lunch time, I locked myself in my classroom to eat lunch alone (how exciting and social of me, huh? I also was doing work.) As I was enjoying the solitude of eating in my quiet classroom, there is a knock at the door. I thought it was one of my students who forgot their lunch (again), so I go to answer the door. But MUCH to my huge surprise, Sophie and Jeremy were standing there with a beautiful bouquet of roses. Oh, I was sooooo happy! Nothing could have been better for me than to have a visit from 2 of my most favorite people in the world. To see my sweet little Sophie (who was still sleeping this morning when I left for work), just rejuvinated me so much. They spent some time with me at lunch, and got to see my students at lunch. I felt soooo proud walking through my school cafeteria with my precious daughter and amazing husband.

So, no matter that I had students melting down or hiding under desks today. No matter that I had colleagues tell me that they have no more support to give me with some of my hard kids, I had the best day ever, why? Because 2 of my favorite peeps came and brightened my day :) Happy Valentine's Day to me.

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