Thursday, September 1, 2011

Off to kindergarten...

Well, the day finally came...Sophie is off to kindergarten! Even as I type that, it seems SOOOOO unreal that I have a child who is old enough to go to school. Wasn't I just dealing with that colicky infant? Didn't she just learn how to roll over? I must have blinked, because Sophie grew up right before my eyes...

Started the day special for her, and she got to "order" her breakfast from "Mama's Restaurant" menu that we use for VERY special days only. She chose a cheese omelet, blueberries and chocolate milk. Breakfast of champions :)

Sophie was so excited for kindergarten and she was literally bouncing off the walls. We got to school early (so we could get a parking spot...the lot fills up SO fast). As we waited up by the office, I could tell Sophie was getting a little bit nervous. She told me she could feel the butterflies in her tummy. When they finally opened the hallway doors to go to the classrooms, she got a very serious look on her face. We got to the door of her classroom and she grabbed my hand, but walked in confidently. She found a place and got right to work on an activity left for them. I did not want to leave! In fact, I was one of "those" parents. I was the last one in the classroom, and only left because I felt awkward being the only one. Saying good-bye to Sophie was hard for me! My precious little girl who has never been NOT at home with me during the days. She only went to pre-school on the days that I worked, so to come home to a house with no Sophie was hard. As you know, I am probably one of THE most sentimental people. I am so excited for Sophie in this new season and I love seeing her joy and excitement, yet my heart just aches for how fast she is growing up.

I couldn't stop looking at the clock all day, and poor Tanner kept reminding me of Sophie's absence, "Where Sophie go?" He came up to me once at a teary moment and said, "Mommy no sad, Sophie kindergarten." Precious boy.

When we went to go pick Sophie up, we were greeted with a very excited little girl who had a fantastic first day. Couldn't stop talking all about the 3 recesses, the fun new friends she made, eating lunch in the cafeteria, and of course, snack time. When daddy got home, we celebrated her first day with ice cream at McDonalds.

I'm so proud of Sophie and LOVE that she loves learning so much. I hope that this spark she has in her won't go out and she will always have this love for learning.



Standing outside her new school

Walking down to her class

Can you tell she is getting shy here?? Outside of her classroom.

Right to work!

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Kylie and crew. said...

Oh can she be this old! Today I was teary eyed (and I don't get like that)over Asher transitioning to a new pre school class. It's a year away and I'm already dreading school. So many emotions, concerns, fears as a Mama and yet we want our kids to grow and learn. I'm glad it was such a great first day. She is one adorable little girl!